Monday, January 21, 2008


I left all my stuff for UHM at work. I think I am always determined to
leave something important at work everyday. One day it's tupperwear
the next its documents relating to my future education. Fucking work.

Also. I really need to turn off this stupid key clicking option on
this phone. Its obnoxious and probabily not good for the speakers.
Test. Yeah it sounds like shit.

I've been watching Tin Man, that sci-fi mini series. Its pretty
awesome except for the low production values that make it a little
wonky. Maybe that's why they have all my favorite B actors in it.
Except for Bruce Campbell. If he was in this movie I would cream my

Tomorrows the training for the UCSF Standardized Patient Program. I'm
oddly nervous. But then I realize that this'll be the most I've ever
been paid for in theatre. Which ya know is the whole reason I'm living
here, to be a professonal actor. Blah blah same old me bitching. I
really should come up with something better to dwell about.

Exciting stuff in my future. I have my auditions coming up. Now THAT's
something to be worried about.

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