Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What you need to do

>> Sprint needs to be fixed. They said that the bill would be out. I
>> haven't recieved that bill.
>> Do you really want this phone? Yes, you're sending this from bed,
>> but you could easily have gotten up and used the computer. Speeds
>> aren't really that bad, but I don't know if I need all these
>> features. I like the widescreen capabilities, so why not just have
>> the ipod touch? I don't really know what I was getting into. Boo
>> urns. It still is a fun phone. Grr. Why can't I just like it?I can
>> afford it for now, I should take advantage of that fact.
>> You need too talk to Leah about your show. It's good to do that in
>> person but remember that it starts in one week.
>> For that matter, the Theatreworks auditon is next Saturday. The
>> following week starts the grad school shit. You need to work on
>> those fucking monologues. Slacker. Do it tonight. Yeah, yeah, I
>> know you've been exercising and eating healthy and shit, but you
>> want to get into that college, don't you?
>> Also transcripts. Also more colleges. Perhaps SFSU for its
>> broadcast program. That doesn't really help me in getting away from
>> the bay area, but itbdoes help my future.
>> Okay that's enough for one day. I'll put down my monologue work
>> later.

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