Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In Which We Puzzle Through Our Days.

To keep my sanity at work I have been reading about Macbeth, one of the most famous crazy people in literature, and quite possibly Shakespeare's best work. Yeah, if anyone wants to fight, I'm here.

What does that say about me?

Anyway, my journies through the interwebs have brought me to Teller's (of Penn &) journal about how he is working on a fantastical, grotesque, magical version of Macbeth, and how he doesn't mind saying "Macbeth" around theatre people. What a great guy.


is one of them.

It's like a good book. He's an amazing writer.


The saga of the phones continues as I am nervous both about Sprint and AT&T. It's mostly just nervous about change and my more generalized fear of confrontation. I met with such resistance from the phone reps, of course, they're trained to do it, but it's just strange that they're trained to cheat you. I think that's my buzz word for this whole experience, cell phone usage in general; they're out to cheat you. I'll figure it out. And I can afford my new shiny toy. At least until February, what wonders will the developers package hold?! (Just keep telling yourself that, Ben. And just you wait until you get into a grad school, could you afford it then? Well, maybe, if I only eat once a week...)


Yesterday seemed to go by very quickly; today not so much. It has only been 2 and a half hours, and I feel like I should bite my face off. My work is not terrible work... I just wish (to agree with Monica) that I was doing something to better the world. Administrative work is honest work... but when there is so much shit going on everywhere else, and I'm sitting cozy with a new super fast personal computer that fits in the palm of my hand. And I'm debating about which place I should give my money too. That's how much money I have. And I'm not even rich.

Gah, sometimes I think too much and make myself feel bad.

(Tonight, 30 minutes of DDR and cleaning my room. At lunch, calling the rep from the UCSF roleplaying program.)

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