Thursday, January 3, 2008

college chargers

So far my day has been an odd mixture of frustration and relief. On one hand, sprint has been dicking me around with a cancellation fee and the odd appearance of my old second line on my phone that I was sharing but had split many moons ago. That appeared, along with a cancellation fee, which was already guaranteed by Sprint reps that I wouldn't have to pay, because of the change in contract. Hurray for a waste of an evening to Sprint tonight.

On sort of the same hand, but slightly veering off in a mutant offshoot is the troubles with my iPhone. It seems like I never recieve a call or a message or anything when it is in sleep mode. 9 times out of 10 I either get a busy signal or it goes straight to voicemail. To top it all off, when I pull it out of voicemail, it either says "No Service" or no bars for up to a minute, and then it seems like it reboots with the system. Doing a search, I have found numerous incidents of the same complaint from people from the time the phone came out. So, probably no problem in getting it fixed then, right? The tech line said it was a hardware problem (after unsuccessfully trying it through reseting the phone, and an awkward pause as it didn't work, "Huh, that should have worked."), and that I should take it in to an Apple Store. Good, I thought, it will be easy, for certainly this problem has been treated there. Aaaand they had no idea what I was talking about. Even when I told them "apple tech said that it was a hardware problem." I am scheduled to come in on Saturday at 11, or to come and be a standby tonight. I'm skipping lunch and going there tonight.

On the other (non mutated) hand, I finished my application for Yale today, and have scheduled almost everything (and payed the 100 buck application fee... geez...). I need to get my recommenders off their butts and actually getting those letters out there, but that can be saved for another day. The appliation is the most important thing... and besides, I've given their contact information - probably my guilty emails to them will force them to at least accept a call. Until then, I'll finish up my apps for UCLA (priority due Jan 13) and UNLV (Due June 1... easy as pie).

And on the same hand (no mutation, just balance), I'm going to pay a BIG chunk of one of my loans today, just to get it out of the way. So nice stuff.

What's even more strange is that my phone from sprint is actually behaving. About 3 months ago the charging unit became strange, and would only charge if I wiggled it in there. Now it plugs in and charges like a dream. I wonder what this means? Maybe it meant it should have done that a while ago before I started to like my iPhone. Fucker.

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