Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Got in trouble for the last post. Confidentiality. So...


This is the official apology for the last post. You know who you are that I'm apologising to. I will not take pictures of the medical and I will continue to be funny, but just in a more obfuscated way.

I'm planning on still documenting it, but it's gonna be private, so sorry all you 12 readers.

Boy oh boy I hope this gets more readers now. At least Bernie, he seemed to like it. Maybe then my ads'll pay off! Woot. That's right, I said it.


I suppose I should document the Chico trip a little bit while I'm here. Monica and I went up to Chico to see her friend Jenny and son. Jenny's an old college friend of M, so it was mostly along the lines of the other trips of her and I, I sit around awkwardly, chiming in at points that I actually think I know what I'm talking about, and then they laugh or ignore and continue to talk about work or college.

That little dude Gabriel though. One handsome devil who will be a heartbreaker someday.

The arm is Jenny. Part of Jenny, she does have a whole body, just not in that picture.

The trip was fun though, and we ate in Davis at a place called The Habit. Good burger, but nothing to write home about. Huh, guess I'm writing to home about it here. Damn!


And this is a picture that I took today on my walk (1 hour).

Monologues later tonight. Gonna rock those out.

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