Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Neato Cheato

UCSF medical building has wireless Internet! Hello easy online times
with phone!

I hope this bill isn't something awful. I'm really scared that if I
can't afford it now, I REALLY won't be able to do it later on.

Anyway. Yet


And that's where it stops this morning, and I had to go into the office. "Anyway. Yet". What could I have meant to say at that time?

Anyway. Yet again I have a cream pie.

Anyway. Yet for now I want some shoes.

Anyway. Yeti!

The world will never know. I certainly don't, and I was writing the fucking thing, so I must have no idea what the hell I was talking about. It was probably about the phone or some such nonsense about me being worried about the bill. I NEED to stop worrying about that. Jesus ben, it's just a fucking phone. And if it's too much money, you'll decrease the contract. SHUT UP ALREADY.

I haven't heard anything from Marin Shakespeare yet. Then again, their generals are this weekend, so I MAY come in for something later on, who knows? I don't expect anything from them, or any company for that matter, I just know that I have to keep putting it out there in the world. That's all I can do.

[Edited for content] today was really really cool. I think it ran on a little long, but everyone got to work on their characters, so I'm excited about what next week will bring.

I did know that after [edited for content] today, Elias, one of the other [edited for content] works for Marin Shakes in their office! As a part time employee! Who would have thought of that? We bitched slightly about the Curriers, but we came to the conclusion that they are cool people, all in all, we just don't agree with everything they do. And after the fact... I sort of still agree with that statement. And I drove another [edited for content] to Marin, but I feel like an ass because I can't remember his name, just that his dad has an acting workshop and he invited me to come tonight (Sorry dude, have a dinner thing to go to). But it honestly sounds fun, costs some money, but I might be able to get a free class or two.

Other news: My pants are REALLY TIGHT. I couldn't find my normal black jeans today, so I put on my other pair, and HOLY COW. They must have shrunk in the wash a while back, because now I remember why I never wanted to wear them. Good news though, the reason why I wasn't wearing them in the past was because they were too small, now they are only slightly uncomfortable! I say slightly because I like the way they frame my thunder.

I think I'm also getting a little sick. I've felt very tired and emo all day despite the good sleep I had last night and the lack of anything that really should upset me. I just know I get really emo when I have antibodies going.

2 more hours. I can do this.

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