Friday, January 11, 2008

I really should stop making more labels

I had a wonderful evening last night, procrastinating from doing laundry, my monologues, applying for grad schools, working on my newfound piratical ways, actually looking at the new game Pirates of the Burning Sea, and bathing. Bathing is becoming increasingly important with each passing second.

What I did do, however, was go out with Monica and some pals of hers from work. Most of the evening was them talking about work, but I had alcohol on my side, so everything was peachy keen. James even put the bug in my ear about WoW again; apparently it's a lot different (better?) than I remembered. Whatever, it might be what brings me back, well that and increased exposure to my computer. I haven't touched that thing in many moons.

I perhaps was too liberal with the drink and said some interesting things in reaction to comments and stories I've heard, mostly trying to say something that related to what they were talking about. (Which is why I have so few friends from work, they always talk about work.) Needless to say, Monica and I had a pretty odd fight afterwards. I didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable or upset, it just was odd how a) much I was upset by her comments of my mistakes and b) why this drama has to be created in the first place. Anyway, I don't want to dwell: I don't like worrying about fights or jobs or anything that brings drama into my life any more than I have to.

Woo, just had a pile of work fall on my desk. Done now. How much fun, Jean leaving. I love how we lose a great worker, and the people who pick up the slack get nothing in return. Oh well, they may see how hard I've been working and what slack I've been picking up. But I'm done bitching. Isn't this the new way? I'm tired of bitching. I'll say my mind, certainly, but I'm not going to dwell on things.

My interview yesterday with the Standardized Patient Program was AWESOME! They loved me so much, and now I will work with them as a fake sick person for $20 bucks an hour. Plus, if they really like my work, they'll use me for a ton of other stuff. I'm really looking forward to it. And it's an honest to goodness paying acting gig. I'm happy for that.

Things are looking up. I'm getting pretty confident in my monologues (when I've rehearsed them) and I'm no longer scared about my upcoming grad school auditions. Sure, I'm nervous - which will only increase as time goes on - but I'm no longer about to shit my pants from utter fright at the idea of people like this judging me.

Plus, I have an audition tomorrow for Little Shop of Horrors. Keep my game up. Hopefully I'll get in and hopefully they'll like me enough to make an interesting casting choice for Seymour. Hope hope hope. If chorus, I probably won't take it. But what the hey, you know? I'm excited, and Monica's going to help me with my song tonight. Right, Monica?

A list for stuff this weekend (that I HAVE TO TO):

Finish Grad School Applications
Finish (read: start) the FAFSA
Call more theatres for auditions
Compile list of agencies to send headshot/resume out

And that's it!


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