Thursday, March 20, 2008

25 Minutes

Lets see if this will help the day go by faster. Hm. I bought my tickets for Vegas earlier today. It will be a madcap dash to the airport after my show on the 25th, but I'm sure I'll rock it out fine. More like, I'm sure my mom or tim will rock it out fine when they drive me in a madcap sitcom scenario to the airport so I can get to Vegas before midnight, or I'll miss the party! And that certainly can't happen!!! Oh noes!

I'm so funny. Ha. Ha. haaa.... brain leaking out of nose... must get tissue...

Kotaku , in it's maxiumum risky tag, said something about a video game where you get sex if you win, sex if you lose. And it's so popular that they're already making a sequel before the first one comes out. Yes folks, this is the thing I look at at 4:45 in the afternoon, maybe I'm hoping someone will catch me looking at mildly nsfw and fire me. Maybe not. I don't even care this late in the day. Especially since I practically moved the entire front office back by myself. And that still only took an hour and a half. I think I'm getting too fit. Things get done too well when I'm around.

And now, a picture.

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