Friday, March 28, 2008

This day needs to end.

I think I'm getting the facebook addiction that so many of my friends succumbed to in their years of college. At the time, I was all, "Psh, what the fuck is this? I'll use it, but totally not check it every five minutes." Little did I know, that almost 2 years after graduating, I, too, would be falling prey to its sweet sweet embrace. It was like me and cell phones too, really, I was the last person to get one out of ALL my friends, and even then, I only bought the incredibly cheap one that came with the plan so we were able to get a rebate... one I think I forgot to turn in anyway. That's how they get you!

I started today looking forward to checking my email for this audition I have coming up; no, not to go to the audition, but to look for conflicts in the show or the schedule of the rehearsals so that I couldn't make it. Not my luck, it fits right in my schedule, so looks like I'm going to have to relearn that stupid monologue and actually work on it for this audition. If there's anything I've learned in the first part of this year, it's that even if you don't want to do this shit, give it your all, you never know who could be there and see you... and maybe then think of you for other projects! Woo. It's my tired old complaint about how burnt out I am of this area. Blah blah blah.

Also, it turns out that Run, Fatboy, Run, 21, and Stop-Loss all suck. It's a pity, I really wanted to take a look at those this weekend. I guess it's back to going to Horton Hear's a Who. That's right, Monica, I actually am going to see it. So what if I'm a flipflopper. (Also, you wear flipflops in HAWAII.)

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