Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun and Wonder

I had a terribly unproductive, yet eventually fun, weekend. It was unproductive because most of the things I wanted to do were left undone in the wake of other activities. However, I did keep most of my promise, and almost all of my paper is done. I'm excited about that. The rest is more just filling in the blanks and finding factoids. The easiest part. And honestly, looking up classes is simple, and finding some more schools isn't hard; all I have to do is do a search and scramble together a package to send to them - I'm pretty sure I have all they need, a little tweaks here and there and it'll be perfect for a different school. I guess that's the blessing of applying for a shitload of schools, once you get one down, you pretty much have a formula for the rest of them.

My one of two productive thing was going to the meeting for Sunrise at Campobello on Saturday morning. The director, Rich, seemed like a harsh dude at the auditions, but here he was way more cool than I remember. He just doesn't have a censor sometimes; he says a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense and is kinda vulgar. But the show could possibly be incredibly successful. His idea was to do it in an almost expressionistic tone; we'll see how that shapes up as the rehearsals go on. The Cool Thing we did saturday, though, was watching a memorial for the local Fairfax celebrity, Chuck Day. He died not too long ago, and was a really groovy person in this area, playing gigs and such at 19 Broadway (I think). I didn't really know who he was, but he was a friend of Monica's family, and it meant a lot to her. Especially because the memorial was a New Orleans type parade with music and happiness and fun. It was very touching. Afterwards I was incredibly hungry to I went to M&G's; I think I'm getting tired of that place. I was able to get a few pages done on my paper too. Happy for that.

Went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Formerly Marine World Africa U.S.A.) yesterday. I was pretty much apathetic to the whole thing, but Monica really wanted to go, so I bucked up and we headed to there. The problem with me now is that since I've been to Disneyland, I'm totally underwhelmed by every other fun amusement park. We did get season passes, and I did have a good time, so I think we'll have a really fun time once I get more into the swing of things, and once it gets hotter so we can go on some water rides! Woohoo! Also rode the Roar. And I just about pooped my pants. I don't do rides very well. Then we went home and slept. I do believe I was promised margaritas, but that didn't happen. Oh well.

Today I had my audition with San Jose Rep. I think it went surprisingly well, considering I hadn't really worked Sganarelle much. Tim's monologue, of course, went swimmingly. You never know. I mean, he was nodding his head and looking pleased the entire time; it seemed as if I actually did something different for him, or at least started the day off with some energy. Who knows! Our job as actors is to audition, so that's what I gotta do! (Speaking of that, gotta look up the directions to the Academy of Art, have a movie audition there tomorrow.) In any case, it went well, I think, and if the least I did was put my energy out there to show him that I exist, that's terrific. The best would be he casts me for all the shows... (Hello PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE!) but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.

Just got some amazing news. But I need to read more about it.

Mapped the route to Academy of Art tomorrow, pretty rock and roll. It's an easy walk from the ferry building, so I can easily ride in with my mom and go back early, getting to work at a reasonable hour. Yuck. Work. But still, if these go through, I might be in a (student) movie! (Would be nice if that movie that I auditioned for and did a great job would call... ) And it would be $75! Not bad for an addition to a reel too.

I'm really happy for Monica and her new job. Jealous too, but that's to be expected - she's doing something in her field that she will (hopefully) enjoy! I'm totally stoked for her. AND if I get the thing in Santa Rosa, we may move up there and I can get a part time shitty job up there, do my shows, and she can work at the museum. Win/win. Also, win/doing something different with my life. I'm ready for a change.

Wow, more good news. Zeum just called, "WOULD YOU LIKE A PHONE INTERVIEW NOW?!?!" No, I say, let's do it later tonight. No, we can't! I'm leaving early, they say. So I scheduled it for tomorrow at 1. Cool beans! We'll see how that goes, and I can look up stuff about what I'd do at Zeum. Rock and roll. My day is looking up... now lets just have some shows call me up!

Going on a walk today. Then to Best Buy for a big ol' external hard drive.

Um. That's it.

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