Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mostly Sweet, Some Bitter

I got into the MFA program at UHM. Pretty fucking awesome. I'm incredibly excited. I never thought it was a terrific program, but I have a feeling if I do it, I'll have more clout in many different places once I have a graduate degree under my belt. The only silly thing is that I've been checking the classes/plays that are done each year there, and nothing's really wowing me about their program. Still, my mom said something cool just now:

And, I think, Ben, you will benefit
from the time spent studying and they
will benefit from YOUR input.

So yes, it's pretty wicked awesome. I think it's just the typical me being worried about the future. Also, some other wonderful things happened to me today.
  • Had a great audition for the Academy of Art - one of their student films.
  • Had Calshakes offer me the Internship - grad school's more important, but right on.
  • Had North Bay Shakespeare call me in to read for Midsummer.
  • Had a better-than-lackluster interview for Zeum. Probably won't take it if they offer me, but hey, keepin my eyes open is pretty spifftacular.

Add that to my great audition at San Jose Shakespeare, and I'm doing pretty well! I sure hope my luck continues, particularly when I visit Vegas in a month, but also for other schools, like the state ones I've applied for. I mean, Hawaii would be fucking fantastic, but I don't think many casting directors head down there. I do think ANY program will be beneficial.

I had fresh hell at work though. I won't go into it; don't want to dwell. Shitty though. Hellish shitty.

Here's to hoping for more programs! But... ya know.. if my backup school is Hawaii, I think I'm doing pretty well.

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