Monday, March 31, 2008

Obligatory Post About The Weekend

Friday was probably the Worst Day Ever (or at least Worst Day That Week). Since I try and let things fall off my back relatively easily, I can't quite remember what was going on with it, but I did recall that I had a shit ton of shipping to do, as well as some busywork that kept everything stupid busy for a long time. Plus we were moving the office from Scattered and Numerous to Small Storage Space. It was a weird day. The Worst Day really wasn't for me though, apparently Monica had some really shitty times at her job, so we both were kinda ready to not be there; luckily she IS not going to be there anymore. Yay for new jobs! Woot.

Because of shithole day, we went to Iron Springs that evening for a delicious pint or two. Turned into a lot more than that, but we were fine with how that was going. A nice meal as well, and I officially thought that this would be my last meal out in a while (aside from my already scheduled ones). After a light meal of onion strings and quesadillas, we walked down past the Fairfax Theatre and I was reminded of Klunkerz, the film that Monica's dad was in, by a large sign saying... Klunkerz. It was a minor film fest, and it was already sold out. We found the party at Peri's, and walked in to find a pretty awesome folk band playing, and Bob (monica's dad) and Betsy (monica's mom) sitting there watching the show/waiting for the movie to start. We met the cinematographer, a very very LA guy, and the director, a very very cool dude who looks like he does mountain biking. It was fun.

In need of ice cream, we decided to walk to the Scoop, and the cinematographer came with us, just for the hell of it. I thought he was kinda interesting at first; he works with Steve Corwin and does almost all his stuff, as well as working on the Sarah Silverman show, but his bragging about himself got a little old. I don't even remember his name. He did love the ice cream though, and endeared himself to us a little bit with that action.

The movie was sold out, so we couldn't go see it, but we did take a look around Peri's, and there were all these old Klunker posters with all these people Monica knew from her childhood, as well as older looking versions of the same people walking around us. It was kinda cool, until Monica told me that a lot of them were assholes. Meh, happens. Good mountain bikers though! Did you know that Bob won the first official mountain biking race? True story.

After that we met up with Bruce and went to Aroma around 7:30. There we talked for 2 and a half hours. I love my friends. And I love Aroma/bagels with cream cheese and avocado. Yum!

Went home, watched CSI, and slept. It had been a long week.

Saturday was ZOO DAY! We got up and had pancakes and a leisurely morning, then went to my mum's house and met up with Bruce, and then to the ZOO! Yay! What a fun thing the Zoo is. I always have a blast. (Note: SF zoo is still inferior to St. Louis zoo, just like to point that out.) It's hard to write about the zoo, really. I mean, it's neato, especially the gorilla habitat, but after so many times it's just the same thing, so yeah... animals were neat! I got sunburnt. We rode on the natural gas train. That was fun and fast! Bruce got a hard on for the train; I think he's a little gay for trains. What does that even mean?

We made the obvious jokes about the tigers coming out and killing us. A good afternoon. Into the evening, we went to mum's house and had some fun there while I worked briefly on college applications and lots on Portal. They watched WC Fields... not too into that. (ducks so that the chairs won't hit him)

Next day I slept in and Monica had her sister's birthday party to go to. I didn't realize how much it meant to her for me to go (as found out later), but I was happy to sleep in; it seems like a rarity now. I got almost no work done that morning, instead watching LOST and Avatar and started Breaking Bad. I'm glad I was caught up, and am incredibly glad I started Breaking bad. That's a brilliant show.

I had a cranky day with Monica after that - we were both very cranky and hard to communicate with. Must have been something in the air. But we went to the deYoung, and that was very fun! Much more fun now that I think about it in retrospect - that's a really cool museum. We were still cranky though, and that didn't go away until the evening when we realized how stupid being cranky is. I hate being cranky.

More CSI last night, then sleep.

Today's been going by pretty fast, actually. I made it my goal today to try and keep a positive attitude, and so far it's been working to make the day go by faster. I, of course, had other goals too, which haven't been done yet. Like relearning Launce from Two Gentlemen of Verona, and taking a look at those Sunrise at Campobello lines. However, the main thing I need to do tonight is my taxes. I've put those bitches off long enough, and I can do efile for both state and federal, so why am I waiting? Because I'm a lazy bitch, that's why. Once that stupid thing is done looming over my head, I can dive back into learning more lines, because all of a sudden, I'm really engrossed in a lot of different projects that I need to juggle. Which is neat, dont' get me wrong, but I need to know Launce, Marc and Yvan from Art, and something for my Kaiser audition coming up later this month. Which will be either "What Was I Scared of?" by Dr. Seuss, or the only nice monologue from The Pillowman. It'll get done. This is nowhere near the shit I needed to do back in college.

Also, tonight (before taxes), I'm going to do Bollywood dance with Monica, if I can zip all the way to Fairfax in time. I am staying positive and saying yes I will be able to. If this dance class rocks it, then I'll have another thing to help me lose weight! I just need 4 more classes a week and I'll be great...

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