Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Audition Weekend

Impact and Willows went well. Impact really loved my pieces; why wouldn't they, they're my age and pretty cool people. Plus, they're under a pizza place, what better thing can you get? (Better money, for one... if Willows hired me, I'd have to take it.) After the very quick in and out audition, they said they would keep me in mind for callbacks, Been hearing that a lot, actually, I thought, and you know that if you type in italics it's like your inner monologue. And I left to walk around Berkeley for a little while.

I find Berkeley to be a pretty cool place. I would love to live there if it didn't interfere with my plan of Getting the Fuck Out Of Bay Area (GFOOBA). Anyway, walking around the area was fun, and I got my exercise in for the day. I also feel that it's a great place to hang out in with other people. Walking alone had its merits, I could pass gas whenever I wanted, but walking with other people just makes everything seem better. Plus, if I passed gas there, it would be funny.

I went to Comic Relief. I don't know if that's my favorite comic book store, but it sure has a comprehensive collection, especially of the more indie comics, as well as Dark Horse. Gotta love me some B.P.R.D. I bought the Abe Sapien comic, 2 of the new BPRD 1946, and 3 of Mouse Guard: Winter 1142. After walking around in that store, I remembered how much I LOVE comic books, not just the trade paperbacks, but the small ones, I loved collecting them and putting them in bags and then taking them out and reading them again. So today I'm going to look up some sites that I can look into monthly subscriptions.

Gah! Just remembered! I HAVE to pay my student loans today! Have to have to have to! Or at least get started in sending that shit out. Huzzah.

I got tired of sitting around Berkeley (even after a talk with my bud Kai.. oop, gotta email him sometime today), so I went to the Willows around 3. Good thing too, the traffic getting down to the highway was pretty awful, and it took longer than Google Maps said to get there from Berkeley. One beautiful drive later, I still had 2 hours before the audition, so I stopped at the first place that had free WiFi for my iPhone. Panera Bread! Delicious. Soup in a bread bowl, lemonade, and a muffin. Yum. Still an hour left, bored, I went over to the Willows. As usual, I waited for ever. I read The Goat. Good play. Can't wait to write about it later this month. I read the scenes I was going to read (clunky, bad play).

6 rolled around and 2 other actors were hanging out with me. I started talking a bit to them, and they seemed like good people. With only a touch of Actor, I could actually talk to them about other stuff. Of course, the only thing all actors have in common is acting, but these people seemed to have well rounded theatrical lives that included watching tv, playing video games, and sleeping.

Read the sides. Boring. Waited. He gave me some direction, did it, he was unenthusiastic. Got some more sides. Read them, a little more over the top. He was unenthustiastic. The casting director is kind of an asshole. Done and done. Gave the dude I was talking to a ride to the BART station and headed back to Marin. Beautiful drive as the last lights of the sun were still shining. Saved the reciept.

Yesterday I was sicky. Not terribly so, but I had a long drive ahead of me to Carmel down Highway 1. Talk about beautiful! But it hurt my ass, so I had stuff to complain about. Carmel is a cute town, but I just headed over to PacRep and did my audition, which seemed like a waste of time (it was a SF director, don'tcha think he could have stayed in SF and just, oh, I don't know, had us read up there? Just a thought.). Did my monologue, he had me do it again, "This time as a skinhead." Sigh. Casting directors. Gave me 2 other monologues, did them well, he seemed positive that he would keep me in mind. Whatever that means.

Long ride back, especially since I hadn't eaten most of the day. Beautiful drive though, watched the sunset over the ocean as I hit Pacifica, and missed that place terribly. What a wonderful little land. Got home in record time, something like 2 and a half hours, rolling in at 6:45, to find a place with no food. Ah, the joys of my situation.

Jelly Bellies were prevalent, and Tim went to the store and came back with a PIZZA! He's the best. They're the best. Then Monica came over and picked me up and we hung out/she slept while I ate some pizza and watched Futurama. Then I checked out Woot to see what the deal was; unenthusiastic, I went to bed.

Woke up legitimately sicky. I don't think I'm staying the whole day today. Maybe at home I can get some rest and catch up on all the shit I can't do while I'm essentially working 2 jobs. Hi ho the actor's life for me!

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