Thursday, March 27, 2008

Typical Dreams

I dreamt last night of...

woah! Just tripped a circuit in the office and everything powered down for a while. It was okay though, I managed to find the right thingie and fix it. I wrote this on a piece of paper so I could keep you informed of all my happenings. And no, this isn't the dream.

So anyway, last night I probably had more dreams, but this was the most vivid: I was working on Sunrise at Campobello and it was opening night or some shit, and it was a classic actor's nightmare of not knowing any lines. However, I did know I had a show coming up, so it probably was just my fault, not the fact that I had just botched it and forgot I had a show, or that someone just put me in a show.

Anyway, I wasn't stressed. I simply looked at my lines before the show and stumbled through some scenes. People weren't noticing, I was getting cocky! And then it hit me. My supporting character's breakdown scene in the last bit of the show. (This doesn't really happen in the play, by the way.) That scene didn't even cross my mind, and now it's coming up. What could I do? I couldn't bring a script on stage... or could I? No! We don't do that in this theatre! (Even though I totally would if I was actually covering a part for someone else; it's done all the time in professional theatre.) So I panicked, and then woke up to Monica making pamcakes. So all is good. Everything's fine!

But I did take a look at the schedule to make sure the play wasn't coming up anytime soon.

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