Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Day After Drinking Holiday

It's like my mind is covered in fog today. I kept on waking up all night last night, plus I went to bed so late, got up so early, and didn't eat breakfast. Now I'm reaping the benefits of this horror by having another grueling day where I'm too tired to think. Also the alcohol last night probably didn't help. Maybe this is a hangover? I've never had one of those before. Doesn't really hurt though. Meh, whatever. I'm sure another cup of coffee will help. OR IT WILL KILL ME.

I've been trying to find some more Shakespeare pieces to add to my very limited repitoire of shit that people require because everyone gets a hard on for Shakespeare. I found a funny one in Comedy of Errors that wasn't funny when I saw it performed because the actor was a freak of nature. And I think I want to crack out Launce from Two Gentlemen of Verona agan, that one was simply silly and I need to show these directors what I exactly want. Or what I can do. Most directors can't get past the fact that I am not shaped like a leading man, so why then am I doing a leading man monologue? (Albeit a sinister one.) Blah blah blah, there's stuff out there, I just need to keep on looking. I did find a pretty good site to find specific points in the text. It has a search function, so it's mostly easy to find. Lots and lots of popups though. Fucking internet.

Found it. It's pretty good. Forgot how silly it was. People need to see me as a silly bo billy. And if both my monologues are comedic, at least they're contrasting.

Boring day so far. I have a feeling it's going to get really exciting later when all the shit I've ordered for the past two days shows up at once and I have to install keyboard tray after keyboard tray on various people's desks. Including mine. My hands are sore from having to type in awkward fasions for the past few days. Bleh. It's amazing how easily fatigued we get if we're not doing something correctly. If it keeps up, I may have to object - yes, I am that kind of a pansey. Construction's a lot less today too, which makes it quieter and more wonderful up here - I am SO isolated from the rest of the office; it's great. And for some reason everyone's being really nice to me today. Do I have a cool hairdo? Maybe it's a sign of good luck for my audition tonight.

Got a call from my dad last night; he left a message which I still havent listened to, not out of not wanting to listen to it, but out of forgetting to, and when I have my phone around me, I'm not listening to it.. because of laziness. Like right now, instead of talking about it, I could listen to a message from my dad. But instead, I'm going to write about how I could be listening to it right now. See? Still haven't listened to it.

Goin for a walk at 10, just around the block. Mostly to run my monologues, but also to break up the monotony. I think I'm going to do Josue and Edmund. But I may do Boy Who Ate The Moon. Dunno. I think since it's a repertory theatre, they'd like to see shakespeare more. Woot. Also singing You Rule My World and Comedy tonight. Or maybe Alone in the Universe. I have a lot of audition pieces. Sometimes I forget that.

Coffee breaks over, back on your head.

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