Friday, March 14, 2008

It's after noon!

Obama requested -- by didn't appear to get -- $4.8 million for another light-emitting diode project. This one uses LEDs to heal.

Rock and roll! Star Trek here we come! This is why I want a younger guy in office, I can totally see Barack and I hanging out in our parents' basement, drinking mountain dew, watching a Star Trek marathon and then rocking out on Guitar Hero. This is the person I want for president.

Also, he's really cool on a shit ton of other issues. I hope that more young folks like myself get up off our asses on election day and elect him. That's the only way we're ever going to change this country; they need to stop worrying about the swing voters and work on the non voters to come in and vote. If appealing to something else, giving them something more to think about, then maybe, just maybe, all my friends who've said they have never voted will come out of their stupidness and take 15 goddamn minutes out of their lives to try and change this country for the better. This is why I would have to change my attitude a bit if I ever went into politics - I get too heated about topics and lose my cool. That's pretty much my only flaw. Well, that and my gay prostitution ring.


Just about lunch time and I'm not hungry. I've been munching on (healthy) shit all morning, and I feel great. This new eating regime is really working, I think, and it's making me starve less when going through my day - add a walk on top of that and I should be biting my arm off, but nope! Seems fine to me! Today I'm planning on going on a walk, but it may rain, so we'll see how the sky looks in an hour, and if it's bad, I'll just save it for some ddr and weights tonight. All are good decisions. Although I really have to get a new DDR mix; the songs on this one are getting so boring.

Apparently my dad didn't get or chose not to any of the emails I had been sending him about my upcoming trip with Moncia to Nick's wedding. We'll be in St. Louis for about 7 days, and I was hoping to be able to stay with him at the house. So I have to try and ask him (again) if we can stay there (answer was yes, but still, it's awkward), and he blames me for never asking him in the first place. He's such a weird fucker, why can't we just help each other out? It's not like I'm going to be there all the time; I have a bachelor party on the 9th, and the rest of the time Monica and are going to rock out the great city of St. Louis. And "rock out" means scramble and try to find something interesting to do. No no, it's a great town.

I'm also probably going to send my stuff to Quin at Arrow Rock. Like he'll cast me, but maybe with an updated resume and some San Francisco Sparkle (ha!), it might cause him to sway his opinion and give me a little role in one of those silly shows down there. Meh, not really, I doubt he'll give me much time of day; we're kinda acquaintences, but he goes to New York and LA and blah blah - I'm sure he's found all he's looking for throughout these auditions. But still, doesn't hurt to try, he says with the enthusiasm of Ben Stein.

Yum. Eating leftover turkey burger from Iron Springs last night. That was a fun night. Played a little Smash Bros. (controls are VERY weird, gotta get used to them) and then walked down there with Monica. There we met Bruce and David, and had a lovely dinner and drink (I had their Barley Wine, something of which I've wanted to try for a long time, good shit) and there was varying degrees of friendship going on. David and Bruce have been friends for a billion years, and David and Monica have as well, while Bruce and I have been friends for years, and Bruce and Monica haven't. This was the 3rd time I've met David. Anyway, just struck me as a different dynamic; the different styles of relationship we have with each other, etc. Don't really know where I'm going with that, but it struck me as interesting at the time.

Played a little Warcraft III, fun shit. I'm surprised that I never tried out that game when I was playing Starcraft. It's the same game, just fantacised! So much fun. I may have to go pick up the first few warcrafts as well, and then try out Diablo again. My next big purchase, however will be Xbox 360, when they get their Blu-Ray Player bundle. If that doesn't happen, I guess I'm going to just have to get a car. I mean, sheesh. I do really want one of those fortwos though. If I were to get a new car, that would be it.

Did I just end on a preposition? Sorry about that. I've never got the hang of how that works. Or shouldn't work.

Skies cleared up, looks like it's going to be a beautiful walk this afternoon. This place is beautiful. That's really the only thing I'll miss once I leave. That and the high gas prices. What?!

Other news: Gassy today. Must be the meat. Haven't been eating meat as often as I used to, and this gas... let's just say I feel sorry for anyone who comes near me. Luckily, they leave quickly, hopefully to spread the word that I'm stinky so no one will come near me. I hate them all.

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