Monday, March 17, 2008


I seriously thought I would get more done this weekend on my paper, but it turns out I didn't really waste time, I just had way too much shit on my plate! I did jump in this morning and wrote another page to my analysis this morning while I had no internet, and now that I actually do have internet, I'm probably not going to write for another week. AH! The life of a writer. Or a whiner. Both work, I think.

Before I dive in and document my weekend so I can read it later, I want to say I'm eating a grapefruit right now, and loving it. It's taken me 3 hours, but I'm finally at the last piece. Now, I eat a grapefruit a little different than most people eat grapefruit. You know that way when people cut them in half and scoop 'em out? Yes, I was a poor loser like that once upon a time. Now I have seen the light. First of all, none of this half a grapefruit shit, when I'm in for a grapefruit, I'm going to eat the whole fucking thing. Second of all, I peel it like an orange. YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! (jesus, that last sentence took 3 times to type with all the typos I'm doing today.) And third, the most important part, I peel the skin off each individual slice and eat the fruit in the middle. That's the sweet part! It's the skin that makes it sour... which, ya know, I don't mind too much. Yum just finished it. A delicious breakfast that lasts a long time.

Friday.. can't really remember Friday. I know it wasn't the night I hung out with Bruce and David, because that was Thursday. Maybe I just chilled. I think that was it. But I had mom's blue bug, so it was fun to drive. I think I was just super happy that I got off work. OH RIGHT. That's right. Friday was a really strange day at work where I kept on fucking up. Like over and over I fucked up. Not too cool, if you ask me. Then, nearing the end of the day I filled out my timesheet wrong. And then I got in trouble for that. AND THEN I went home and played BioShock. That's right. I remember it being a really strange day; I had never played BioShock before, and at the end of a strange day was the strangest time to play it. Fun game though, scared the shit out of me. THEN I had a chill evening.

Saturday I had an abbreviated visit with Monica in the morning, then headed over to mom's where we then headed to Pacifica for Joan and Lauren's Birthday Bash. I thought it was going to be a small gathering, but I bought a large cherry pie anyway, just because if that was the case, I could have more than one piece. Not the case. Their (large) house was full to bursting with friends and family and babies. Lots of babies. Honestly, you really had to look where you walked, there were so many babies crawling around. I guess that's what happens to you when you have a baby, no matter what party you go to, it's always a baby party full of babies and lots of couples that have them. What's weird is that this is around the time in a dude's life where he starts thinking about that kind of stuff. And a party like that probably, in most people's lives, would invoke feelings of "love" and "yearning" and "wanting to have a baby." Not me! I still don't want a baby, and this made me not want one even more! These people with newborns looked my age or a little bit older, what with their groovy look and tattoos. I mean, everyone there was REALLY cool looking, but they all had kids and were acting like suburban couples. It was an odd dichotomy.

Didn't stay for long; we brought Dot to the party and she's incredibly allergic to cats. And Joan I think has approximently 89 billion. So it was a short visit. I did have some cherry pie though. And the ride back was mostly uneventful. That little blue bug has a surprising large backseat. At least for a Ben sized person it was comfortable. Although, no one else was in the backseat, so I didn't have the true squishedness that is a backseat bug rider. Scared the shit out of myself some more playing BioShock (lightning in my hand is pretty cool though, I hope they write books set in that world) and had a relaxing evening.

Sunday Monica and I walked into Fairfax to get some breakfast at Fairfix (haha, clever), and headed into Sausalito for my movie audition. It was at an old shipyard building place around where I work; I drive and walk by it every day and I've never gone in - it's really cool! Tons of artist's lofts and really neat artwork all around, and only part of it has been restored, so it has a really retro feel to the entire place. So cool!

I was about 15 minutes early, but I thought if this movie thing was anythingn like the other ones I did in the past there would be a line that stretches out to oblivion. So not the case. I was the first one there, and in the time, only one other person showed up. She was cool too, and a little weirded out by the fact there was no one else there either. Anyway, the producer arrived, and I helped bring some of his shit upstairs; he was a pretty cool dude, very indie. Then I ran my pieces and he had me audition. I did a "slate" for the first time in 14 years and did my pieces without a whole lot of movement, because, damn! There's a camera RIGHT THERE. Pretty cool learning experience too. If nothing else, I would have done an audition for a camera, so rock and roll. Although I do think there are a few characters that I would fit very well. A funny exchange happened at the beginning, when I walked out to help with the load in:

Producer: Hey Bill, Joan, Emily, thanks for coming. (Ben walks out.) And this looks like an actor!
(They chuckle.)
Ben: Of course, I mean, look at the sweatervest, come on!
Producer: Only an actor would wear one of those.

It was funnier when you were there. I thought so anyway. So yes, my audition went well, and they said multiple times that I have a face for the camera. Awesome! Really cool. And no matter what, I had a great time; this audition was a win win situation, even if I don't get it, I had a really cool learning experience, and I'm only an out an hour of my life on a beautiful Sunday morning when I'd probably had been sleeping anyway.

After the audition, Monica and I headed into the city to go to Stonestown to check out the clothing scene down there. We needed to get some clothes for Nick's wedding, and we wanted to look smashing together. Didn't really find much, but she got some leggings and I thought I found Beyond Good and Evil, one of my favorite games that I lent to someone YEARS ago and was never able to find it back. Turns out it was just the box, and they didn't find the game. Boo. But I did find Dark Cloud 2, which I've been looking for for a while. It was a good find that day.

Later, Drew and I took a hike and we talked about life, and future, and troubles we're having. You know, guy shit. He's a cool dude, and we hiked for like A BILLION YEARS. It was an amazing walk to this beautiful waterfall. I'm not gay though, I hate nature and love football and farting. To prove it, we went to In and Out afterwords to eat delicious meat and strawberry shakes. I MEAN BEEFBERRY SHAKES. Not gay.

THEN Monica and I hung out that evening! A great weekend. I hope that after my career has started in movies because I'll get hired by this one, I can look back through my blogs and find this post and see what I did for the rest of my day after my first movie shoot. Haha. Shouldn't get my hopes too high. But still, I'm excited about my future.


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