Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1 section done!

Worked on UNLV paper, setting and location for action. Done. Now all I have to do is finish up the bibliography (annotated and all) and do a polish and send it off with the rest of my packet. I'm getting excited. I also need to finish up a thingie for them, just a personal essay, but I did that one long ago when I didn't want to research the goat. Golly gee, I don't fucking know why this paper has been so hard, when actually writing it has been so fun! I should have done it ages ago.

Still looking for others though, I didn't realize how many pretty cool looking programs state schools have. And the cost! JEEZ! I should have checked those out before. Even with the stupid governor giving cuts to the school system (and other stuff, but why the school? want to take away the intelligence and opportunity of the people who are going to run the country pretty soon? Or even better, that'll just make us go to Hawaii for an education) the price is still very reasonable for people who aren't of super duper means. Fuck those big schools, it's the state ones for me. I should have applied there in the first place.

Other news. I've been getting weird vibes for a very long time at work, but I haven't been doing anything differently. Like, I have been doing a good job and all, but only when things are really rocking and rolling do I feel like I've been doing something. 's weird though. Whenever I get a task, I drop all my surfin around and doing personal crap to do it, and whenever things need upkeep, paper, coffee, pens, etc, I drop what I'm doing to do it, it's not like I don't do my job. But for a while now I've been feeling that people expect more, and I don't quite know what that means. I'm doing what I've been hired to do... maybe they want to give me more responsibilities; if that's the case, they need to tell me. And then pay me more.

Also, just found out that Yusef has his audition today in San Jose! Go Yusef! Woo! Sending good vibes out there; he's a really cool person, and I'm lucky to know him as a pal. I hope he gets in -then again, I really hope I get in.

Been fucking around with googlepages. Making web pages online has never been easier. Awesome! I'm going to mess with it some more and then actually go back to my real tasks of actually completing these applications. It's really easy and fun. I'm looking into it to make a website with my master resume, etc., without having to actually worry about real shit like code and stuff. And if I ever get around to, oh say, learning flash animation, I'm sure I can upload that there as well, under a different section. OR at the very least, upload it to youtube and then link to it on my site. Google keeps on doing wonderful things. It helps to have a benevolent rich superpower in the world.

Okay, back to doing work to better my life. Sheesh.


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