Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Has It Really Been This Long?

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday when we were flirting. Sure, it started from a tragedy, but it brought us together so fiercely that I couldn't deny the love I had for you. Man, 5 years is a long time. How the time flies! Just yesterday it seems like we were starting on a high note, and we were going after the man who brought us together in Afghanistan. He's still hiding somewhere out there, that old kook! But since then, our priorities changed, and we've evolved as a couple. We were a great team in the beginning, War on Terror; we had such fire and passion in our couplings, and even I, who is really against violence in all forms, was in support of your crazy antics of killing, maiming, and ruining people's lives. I mean, we just loved each other so much. It's been a long road for sure.

Wow, I remember the first time we met. I was sitting in my music theory class in high school. I remember it was the start of my Senior Year. Man, was I so over high school; so ready to be in college, ready to start the world. Of course, back then I didn't know your name was War on Terror, it was just 9/11 - a beautiful name! - but even then I didn't really know your name, it was shock that bought us together and made us who we are today. But can you believe it was almost 2 years before we actually started our relationship, WoT? Wow! We could have been so close so early on, so many missed opportunities. But we made it in the end, and we fought for each other and to keep our relationship alive, even when it was going places we never thought was possible! Who would have thought this crazy ride we were on would have brought us all the way to Iraq! I mean, I didn't even know you knew anyone in Iraq! Oh, you didn't? Okay, well that's cool anyway, Iraq's a nice place. It isn't now? Well, I haven't really been paying attention these last few years; graduating, applying for grad schools, etc.

You know, maybe that's why we've been a little rocky these past few years. I know some people don't like our relationship, and I gotta tell you the trugh, I haven't been fully commited to believing whatever the fuck spews out of your dad's mouth. I need to remember though, that he's really the honest, truthful man in this situation. And plus he's the president! So it's a win/win situation! What a great guy. So what if he was wrong and "hurt" the constitution a bit. It's not so bad; we're certainly safer now. Hell, before you two came along I didn't even know about Afghanistan or Iraq or Terror! Now I'm so fucking afraid I have to physically will my body not to shit my pants every day; that's how important you guys are to me. I am so glad to have you protecting me and my freedom. Fuck Terror. That's what I say.

Here's to 5 more years!

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