Thursday, March 6, 2008

Writing and Walking

I was talking to my mom this morning about writing; where we write, how we start, you know, the usual pretty normal/bitching about stuff. I was telling her how I find it hard to start things here, (except, I guess, blogs) and that I should start at home and then continue it at work. I mean, the last time I legitimately wrote something here was not that long ago, and it was something I was pretty proud of. But it was also only 2 pages long. The time before that was 4, and before that was 10. So with this track record, I'll have a 1/2 to 1 page garble by the end of 9 hours working on it here.

Anyway, instead of actually working on my future, I'm playing Knighthood on Facebook. It's pretty fun, and passes the time. I still have no fucking clue what I'm doing, so I'm mostly just randomly attacking people and trying to steal their vassals. I really have no idea what I'm doing, so I figure people will eventually steal all my vassals and I'll get frustrated and leave the game. Aside from that, I'm having a blast!

I'm more just frustrated, when thinking down the road about UNLV. Will they really take me in for their directing program? Honestly, I have NO recordings of my stuff (as good as it was.. and it was really good!) and no pictures at all. I really should have thought of this as it was happening - but I guess it never occured to me that I would actually be applying for schools later on. I just thought that would never happen.

Well, the only thing I can do is my best. Write a kick ass paper, give them my directing/tech resume, and see if I can track down the copy of my show that may or may not be floating around Truman's theatre department. Hm. Maybe Justin Been has any knowledge of that. The great experiment begins! I'll ask him, then he'll say no, then I'll be disappointed! Huzzah! Ha, too much Knighthood. I'm a good director; I just want the opportunity to do it again.. and if paying someone would give me that opportunity, plus a piece of paper that other people drool over, then fuck yeah I'm going to go for it.


Meanwhile, I can't even fathom why it's only been 3 hours since I've been here. What gets me is that I've had a lot to do this morning, so I figured that would make the day pass at least a little bit faster, but here I am, sitting and wondering why it isn't at least 2. Or at least time for my lunch. Bah, what the hell, I'll just eat a little bit of it early, maybe at noon, then save the rest for when I come back from a walk.

Walks are another thing; I'm kinda tired of walking to the same places every day. At least with my workout video it was pretty cool and I'm able to get more of a heart pumping, but with walking, it's just kind of a boring walk to Sausalito, where I see a beautiful view of San Francisco, then head back, on the same boring road. Maybe I'll head in a different direction, but I don't know - I just wish it was hillier here so it was a bit harder, so that my time on my walk could be a little bit more challenging. Blah, maybe I'll just take a different route today to see if I can find some hills, and not have to go into tourist central downtown Sausalito. BLAH I SAY.

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