Sunday, March 2, 2008

Good Gravy

Cool day yesterday. Monica and I went to Sacramento for a little adventure - the most adventure I was having was just a good eatin' time! I ate way too much - so much for being the dieting man I once was. Well, I still am, there's just time for cheat days. The day was mostly uneventful other then the magnificent cheap pizza we had in Davis. Sac State was pretty boring, reminding me a lot of Kirksville, and I thought to myself, Do I really want a grad school that reminds me of Kirksville? I mean, shit, I could just go back to Kirksville then.

Anyway. Good times, and we walked around campus - it wasn't really terrible. But I'm getting ahead of myself! Jelly Belly Factory was first! In Vacaville or Fairfield or wherever the fuck we were, we stopped and got ourselves a tour of our favorite candy! Delicious. Boring tour, but I bought 6 pounds of Jelly Belly Bellyflops afterwords, and have been enjoying the irregularness of my candies/bowels.

This was after the tour. And I'm eating them right now.

Sacramento was cute. It was big, and the capitol was pretty. We got to see the Stanford Mansion, and it was a beautiful place! We weren't able to see Monica's old office, but it still was neat to see the job she hated. Wait, that came out wrong.

It was a fun day! Just not very eventful. It made me think more like, why live in California if you're not going to stay near the coast? Sure it's cheaper inland, but it certainly isn't very pretty. Well, okay, the sunset was magnificent, but that was because of the polution. Plus there were tons of chain restaurants! We went to BJ's (heheeh) and had a delicious pizza and a delicious cookie/ice cream dessert called a Pazookie.

Drive back was pretty, and we made it to Midsummer Night's Dream at College of Marin. Um. I don't know what to say about that show... except maybe it was the worst production of that show I've ever seen. And that show is HARD to fuck up. But ya gotta admit, it is a college production... what, there are people from the community in it?! Oh. Well then. They just fucked it up. I dont' know if I'll do a full review.. but I might just want to express myself a little more eloquently on the matter, rather than just vent about how terrible it was. Bruce was great of course. Ariel was fantastic! Um. Costumes were mostly great. The fairies were a little... steriotypical fairies. I mean. You don't need fairy wings. We get that they're fairies. Anyway, the rest was great. Except for the donkey head. Ugly. Seems like they almost got there, but didn't quite hit the jackpot, and instead got the consolation prize of a really friendly audience. I have a feeling my negativity and sighs were overwhelmed by the old fogies who LOOOOVED IT.

Also, there was an orchestra. It was pretty, but too interfering and too long. Mendellsohn's music was beautiful.

Cast party too, but I was tired and have an audition today for Impact Theatre for 'Tis Pity She's a Whore and was called in to the Willows for Sunrise at Cabrillo. Both I'm kinda not excited about. But it's what we do.

So yeah! Ta da. Tired. Don't want to go. And I still need a shave. I'll do that in 10 minutes.


Melissa said...

Too bad you were kinda not excited about Tis Pity. I think it's going to kick ass, but then again, I'm biased, considering I'm the director and all. :-)

For excellent zombie Shakespeare, check out NYC's Cowboy Vampires' production of Living Dead in Denmark. Stellar.

Ben said...

Just unexcited about the audition really.

And open up your profile!