Friday, March 21, 2008

Been messing around with google reader. I had set it up in the past, and promptly forgot about, but it hadn't forgot about me, keeping track of all the groovy little rss feeds I've subscribed to, geeky tools, tech sites, theatre shit, and blogs, all compiled nice and neat in front of me, over 1000 new articles for me to browse! I really had forgotten about it. It was even those experiences where I read about it, thought it was neat, and then signed up for a new account, which then just redirected me to my old account, with billions of surprises! Yay! It's like a present on this miserable Friday! Huzzah.

Jesus, my mom just sent me this email about Tim's friends:

tim (tin) has been in touch
with a mutual friend of his friends
who were killed.
Apparently they were on a canoe trip
over christmas break. They capsized somehow.
(probably another passing boat that may not have even known)
and they just couldnt' get out of the water.

Marty (one of the dead)'s father was waiting
on the bank to pick them up.
They never answered their cell phones.
They were found in the choctahatchee bay, tied together.


Apparently this happened in 1999, and we're just finding out about this tragedy now. I've just been thinking how much this has been affecting Tim and how he's mostly been hiding it. It's weird though, I didn't know these guys at all, but it's probably affecting me in a similar fashion. And then I think a weird thought like, wow, this happened almost 10 years ago, this is now very fresh in our minds, but for their friends who were there and closer in touch, the pain has dulled a little. Time heals all wounds. But it has a habit of causing new ones down the road. This whole thing is putting things into perspective.

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