Thursday, March 27, 2008

Washing and Weirdness

I was going to go on a post about how I haven't washed my clothes in a very long time, but then I realized how many times I actually write about that. You, journal, are my personal whipping boy to my self consciousness about my cleanliness and non-wrinkledness. Like today. This brown shirt. One of my favorite shirts. 100% cotton, brown, breathes well, looks pretty cool. But I've worn it like 9 billion times since I've last washed it; it's all wrinkly and has a stain somewhere I bet. But I loves it so! And I really have no time to wash things, really. I'm largely seeing if I can hold out till I go to St. Louis and bring all my dirty clothes with me, just not pack ANYTHING clean. Haha! I'm an asshole.

Oop! Just remembered I need to grabs mes somes mores transcripts from Truman. Printing out that stupid page now... oh! AND I need to copy those letters of recommendation. Hm... Rick's is electronic... AHA! Here it is, scanned with his signature. I can totally copy that hardcore tasty abs. 10 minutes have passed since I read that last sentence; I wonder why I wrote that. Weird. I'm strange today. Maybe it's because I've already had to do SO MUCH SHIT this morning, and now there's a lull in everything. I wish it was just consistent, instead of waves of stupid stupid work and then nothing. At least that way my day would go faster. BLEHGHR.

Turns out Rick's letter of recommendation is personalized... so I may need to get a general one from him. Not too hard, he's a fucking amazing person! I also need to call Calshakes today and tell them I can't accept the internship. It'd be too hard to coordinate with my schedule with the program I'm trying to get into. Gr. Oh well. Happens, and I'll say it in a way of really wanting to do the project, but just can't - I mean, shit... MFA program! Maybe then they'd keep me in mind for next year.

Tonight Monica and I are going to her sister's house for some birthday bash action. I'm happy I was invited, but the car situation is a little tricky. We figured out how to do it by just coordinating a Great Car Switch at lunch, where Monica will pick me up from my house after I drop off the bug there. Then, she will pick me up from work! She really must want me to go to the birthday bash. I'm happy for that. How is she able to do that, you ask? Poor girl has a migrane today, so she had to stay home from work. Too bad for her work. So sad.

Yikes! Gotta run.

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