Friday, March 21, 2008



I just had that strange weightless feeling you get after thinking you've lost something very important. The relief that comes from finding it afterwards is almost worth the quick loss. (It was the key to the car, totally not in my pocket, but on the floor here. Whew.)

One long laborious hour left in the day, luckily I hope that half of that hour will be full of delicious barbeque and beer, or at the very least, soda. I do have to drive at 5, after all, and I sure as fuck am not pulling a Myra and getting too drunk to go home, and then staying at work. Yeesh. I wonder how she's doing. Rocking out in a job she actually wants, probably; she's very much an office person. I sure as fuck hope I can spend the majority of my life outside an office, changing the world one piece of art at a time.

Hulu is pretty cool. Too bad I don't have a private enough place to watch videos here at work. Maybe it can work to my advantage someday, and then I can watch tv to my heart's content. No LOST there yet, so I'm not chomping at the bit to get a free subscription. That's valuable time that is wasted signing up for a subscription! I could be... staring at entertainment weekly... or writing a blog entry... or... fuck it I'm signing up.

I also found this through my newest best friend, google reader. It's a graph on how you can stomp those cravings out with nuts or with specific healthy foods. For example, you want chocolate? You probably just need Magnesium, which is found in nuts and fruits! This is gonna be wicked awesomez. Unless what I really want is chocolate, and in that case it won't be as awesome.

Monica and I may go see Spike and Mike in the Mission. It's a weird animation thing that I've really only heard of in snipits before she told me how awesome it's going to be. We may do it, may not, I'm kinda tired tonight from this shitstorm week of hell that was this last week. And fuck, I really still want to see Horton Hears a Who.

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