Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It Means No Worries

Holy crap dude. I really didn't need to worry about that shit yesterday. I was blowing it way out of proportion. Leah and I did have a talk, but in the end, I sounded more cooler than I was before. I was the struggling artist trying to do my art but having to survive with the man watching my back. Of course I would get into a few scrapes on the way, but I am an artist, and I have to seize my art wherever I can! Leah was very supportive of this concept; I am incredibly lucky to have such an understanding boss as well as a flexible job! She did threaten me with moving back to the 8:30 to 5:30 schedule, and I said to give me a little more time, and I would always give at least a week in advance if my schedule needs to be changed. Unless, I said, I got a lead part in a movie, and Leah said, well of course. So cool! It'll be weird once I move somewhere else. Although I bet in a place that is more saturated with actors, they are used to people that need to take off at a moment's notice.

I've been in an awkward situation lately. My two friends whom I love have broken up and are probably never going to talk to each other again. This has caused ripples in the friend-space continuum, and I'm not sure if they can be repaired easily. It's just the awkward place that a friend gets when two friends, made independently of each other, break up. That's all about that. Kinda on my mind lately; these are my very good friends and I hate to see them unhappy. But whatever, they'll get over it. Not like it's the first time someone broke up with anyone before.

My day moves on. I wasn't able to take a walk today because I forgot to bring my lunch over from Monica's. She assembled me a variety pack of delicious snacks, all of which I was incredibly excited about. To celebrate this pack, I left it on her kitchen counter. Amazing. I plan on taking a walk around 3, hopefully just a little jaunt around the block to get the blood pumping, and to cut some time out of these seemingly endless afternoons. I suppose I could actually be doing more work, but damn if I've actually finished most of my tasks for today; for now it's just answering phones. I'm sure something will pop up at 4:30 that I need to figure out. Some ultimate fedex that someone just HAS to get out.

I've also sent some information to the places I collected from artsearch (blue man group, for one!) and other tech and film stuff from craigslist. Turns out there's a lot of people casting shit out here! All non pay, but this is the kind of stuff I need to start doing, then build up my reel, and then I'll actually have something when I move to a bigger city that actually has an industry. Play the game some more. Which is why I'm probably going to go to this "audition workshop" (what I refer to as "ripoff") for the general auditions for 6th Street Playhouse, up in Santa Rosa. Shit, couldn't hurt, and I'd make some connections, and it's only $25 bucks. Pay it forward... although it sounds like stealing to me. But what the hell! Whatever that can help you get in the door, I know once I move to New York or LA I'm going to need to take some classes in order to get seen. That reminds me... maybe some stuff at ACT is in order.

No walk at 3, just got done with a big project, and through the miracle of a paragraph break time has passed, and I recieved a call from a guy doing an independent film. I was on the toilet at the time, so didn't answer it, and he didn't leave a message, so I'm in that phase where it is returning a call, but it's not returning a message, so it sort of means that I'm still making the first verbal move. Email doesn't really count as a move; you could ignore emails so much easier than phone calls, where you actually have to deal with someone. I am no longer afraid of dealing with people on the phone, thanks to this job, but you never lose that little bit of nervousness that comes from calling someone for the first time. I guess if I don't give a fuck, I don't ever have to call him again and I can delete his number. So there you go. I'll probably call later tonight.

Alright! Time for a walk around the block!

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